The Friends of Nature Awakened from the Tragedy


It took time for the Friends of Nature to stand back on its feet.

We have resumed our role with the same strength, zeal, perseverance and insight

to continue the mission of the founders at guiding the society to a better future.


·      FON restructuring

The Friends of Nature has reconstructed its teams, with an elaborate scientific team, an extensive group of partners and collaborators, and a youthful group of volunteers.
New premises were acquired that serve the objectives and mission of FON, situated in a nature zone associated with a very important and unique cultural entity – Modern And Contemporary Art Museum  MACAM, in Alita, Qartaba road, Jbeil.

·      Cyclamen Society - UK

FON was approached by the Cyclamen Society – UK to assist on a visit to study the Cyclamens of Lebanon.
Abiding by international agreements and protecting the right of Lebanon to its natural heritage, FON helped acquire CITES permits for this mission from the Ministry of Agriculture. The permit recorded the export of plant material, confined the extraction of this material to few samples, and limited the use of the material to scientific purposes only. In that, it protects the rights of Lebanon over this set of material forever.
In March 2014, FON provided field guidance and scientific assistance to a team of 3 senior scientists from the Cyclamen Society on their exploration of Lebanon's 3 species of Cyclamen.

The Friends of Nature NOW



FON's  premises are situated on one of the most important natural and cultural sites in Lebanon; it overlooks the iconic Adonis valley, which provides  a vantage point to assist in promoting and executing our activities in an ecologically and environmentally meaningful natural surrounding.
FON is associated with one of Lebanon's most important museums MACAM - Modern And Contemporary Art Museum, which host an exceptional permanent exhibition of unique sculptures of Lebanese artists. MACAM is a cultural art hub that has attracted over 4000 visitors.
We have a conference room to host workshops and facilities to provide the food services.

Human Resources

FON is supported by a talented qualified team of university graduates.
A team of 9 trained trainers implement our permanent program : Children and Nature 
A team of 3 trainers implement our permanent hiking program : Shepherds Routes
Our team enlarges depending on the projects in execution tapping on qualitative candidates from university graduates.

Social Visibility

FON has acquired appreciated acknowledgement at grassroots level through its accomplishments and activities over the decades. We are well connected  with a broad spectrum of stakeholders and local communities through our projects. We have strong relationships with many local authorities as municipalities and unions of municipalities. We equally collaborate with central authorities, especially the ministry of environment.


FON has two permanent programs : Children and Nature , and Shepherds Routes.
FON works and collaborates on a diversity of projects, some of which we hope to become permanent activities.
Several projects have been designed, developed and are in the pipeline for submission for funding and execution.
The projects are, as FON has always defined its mission, prototypes resolving intricate problems of integral ecological concerns addressing national significance under measures of community-based sustainable development.
For further information, check 'Projects' in the menu.