About 150 flower and plant types are named after this land. But why, who named them, and who are these plants? FLORAL ENCHANTMENT uncovers the answers.
The book is an enthrallment – a captivation of floral nature dedicated to Lebanon. It narrates in short biographies life stories of ennobled masters, eminent figures and amazing personalities, who explored the natural wealth of Lebanon and made important discoveries. They are people of multiple professions, unbound love to exploration, full dedication and commitment to learn and know. The selected figures pinned milestones in the exploration of Lebanon’s nature from the 1500 century. Their contributions are not only to plants, but mainly to society and humanity at large.
Why they named their plant discoveries after Lebanon! It is because they appreciated what they saw in reflection of what they knew.
FLORAL ENCHANTMENT TO LEBANON combines the biographies with glimpses of the sites that these enigmatic figures visited; and it portrays them not in portraits, but in the plants that they named and the plants that are named after them in honor of their achievements. The flower album recites the honor that THEY reserved to the Natural Heritage of Lebanon in a flabbergasting display of the flowers that carry the name of the land.
In points, Floral Enchantment
o   Celebrates Lebanon through the plants that are commonly and scientifically named after it
o   101 types of plants in 210 photos on 252 pages of color in flabbergasting photography
o   supported by rare private gravure from 1837 and black and white photos from the 1800’s
o   honors discoverers of flowers (botanists) in narrating unique biographies of honorary figures from 6 nationalities (Germany, Sweden, Austria, France, USA, Lebanon) in a chronological flow from the 1500’s
§  unraveling rich life stories that engage botany and medicine, archeology, politics, social history, cultural aspects, ancient travel routes, and more.
§  they are remembered in flowers they named and those named after them in honor
§  and pictured in still existing sites that they visited, loved and wrote about
o   The album uncovers exclusivities first time seen in photo rendering value to the floral wealth of Lebanon
o   Flowers are featured with their Latin, English, French and German names
Technical Aspects:
o   Fancy artistic books
o   Large size format 26 x 29 cm, which gives the photos the space they merit
o   Hard cover with a colored jacket
o   150 gram paper
o   Pre-press and printing undertaken by highly qualitative establishments to give faithfulness to natural colors and ambiance