STORY: Friends of Nature pioneered the creation of nature reserves in Lebanon. We still support the protection of the precious natural heritage of Lebanon. Last, we worked at 4 sites Ehden, Makmel, Kneisseh and Jabal Moussa to check how 13 of the most important plants of Lebanon are living in the wilderness. They are important, because over the whole planet, they only live in Lebanon; they are our pride and valuable inheritance. We visit them, protect them and help them live better and leave their children for the future. We welcome all to join hands in order to protect the beauty and most valuable of Lebanon’s nature.  

Endemic and compromised species and ecosystems are our priority, we support their conservation.View us.

VALUE: The documentary reveals FON team and skills at treating endemic species and ecosystems. It sheds light on our research capacities, field work, women empowerment activities, collaboration with local communities and authorities, as well as support for better management of reserves and better governance of ecosystems of significance. It integrally shows our capacity to develop actions into documentaries.