is a project funded by the USAID through Rene Mouawad Foundation program BALADI.

The goal of Friends of Nature to initiate and develop ecotourism in the legendary Adonis valley met with the aspirations of Adonis Valley, local private food company.

We joined efforts and conceived a project to start ecotourism in Fatri village where we are both based.

The project grew to include the Municipality of Fatri and another local NGO – Aie Confience.

The project includes the following components:

– USAID funds the construction of a center on municipal land; Fatri municipality will be responsible for the management of the center where the Friends of Nature will conduct activities on awareness to nature, biodiversity, environmental problems to the local and general public.

– The old footpaths around Fatri were cleaned and rehabilitated so the Friends of Nature manages and employ under FON – Shepherds Routes Hiking program for visitation and hiking the trails, thus bringing visitors to the village.

On the guided tours, the visitors will be directed to important village sites and to local market to benefit from the local produce purchased directly from the farmers.

– A camping area was developed under the responsibility of the municipality and managed by Aie Confience NGO.

– The private sector represented by the local food industry Adonis Valley is supported to broaden the development of its organically based food products and to support farmers for selling their produce. The Adonis Valley has adopted the 100% renewable energy policy and full treatment of its refuse.

USAID and BALADI have installed three street panels to commemorate the project.

Friends of Nature initiated its ecotourism activities with the hike named DARB EL CHIR under the beautiful cliffs of Alita-Fatri.