The Friends of Nature has established broad network of collaborations with national, international NGOs, local and central authorities to support its programs.

FON has adopted the strategy of identifying stakeholders and assemble them to an introductory workshop to promote and expose its program of activities.

FON always engages central authorities in Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Agriculture.

We host our workshops at our premises where we have a conference room and the related facilities to provide coffee breaks and lunch in a relaxing and inspiring surrounding.

For the schools and biodiversity program, FON found good partners in UNESCO and the National Committee for UNESCO Affiliated schools. Together, we built a workshop inviting school administration to introduce our program on the ground and demonstrate the area of project activities. Among the invited and collaborating NGOs are :  Makhzoumi Foundation, Rene Mouawad Foundation, Hariri Foundation, Safadi Foundation, and other.

Following is a holistic view of our activity

School Participants in UNESCO-FON workshop
School Participants in UNESCO-FON workshop