FON has adopted the strategy of documenting projects into short videos to promote access to the information on long term basis and to expose the products, outcomes and impact of the project to the general public reaching a larger segment of society. Documentaries also represent references on implemented projects to spread knowledge and enhance performance of future relevant projects and actions.

COVID-19 outbreak obliged lockdowns and social distancing; it emphasized the importance of the development of documentaries to maintain project reference beyond all challenges. FON then sensed the need to make the creation of documentaries a fixed component of large projects.

Skills that FON present for the making of documentaries include a combination of qualitative skills such as:

  • capturing footage that signify the activities of the project, the people involved, the beneficiaries and the scope of action. These are essential since they need to be taken at the right moment and preserved to be used nearing the end of projects; thus, if we miss on meaningful captures those will constitute permanent losses especially when activities end or captivating moments pass.
  • planning and envisaging scenarios that would be valuable in the final documentation; this requires to good learning of the plan of actions and schedules of events, the themes addressed and the sequence of events to be selected. Briefly, a full understanding of the project is required to advise such plans; our skillful team is very active in this respect.
  • writing scripts is another skill that we can provide to narrate project significance, outcomes and impact in an appealing storytelling manner.
  • good knowledge of footage editing is also available to communicate to the editor and director the way FON views the documentary and its impact.

With these skills, FON has an embedded capacity to plan, oversee, and direct the development of documentaries to satisfy their objectives.