Friends of Nature has established collaborations with private sector entities as companies and industries to further the implementation of projects. Such collaborations have engendered support for FON on one side, and allowed the engagement of the private sector at caring for the environment on the other side; the collaborations certainly enhanced the sensitization of these establishments to the causes of nature protection. The examples of collaboration with the private sector are numerous, a selection is highlighted to offer an idea of the range and potentials of such engagements.

  • Space-Scape Architecture: collaboration with FON materialized in the translation of the ecological conception and design of artificial reef into the development of the architectural design and modules of the reef units taking into consideration the specificities of the marine environment and the effect of physical factors in weight and buoyancy and other.
  • Saba Makhlouf company for construction: the company won the bid for the creation of the reef units from a specified concrete base following particular designs and processes strictly determined by project team to ensure the delivery of the appropriate product. The collaboration was mutually rewarding and helped the private sector become aware of potentials for a construction company to act toward a better environment.
  • Hawa Electronics : the genuine collaboration opened important horizons for the local industry; buoys of international standards, which used to be purchased in hard currency from abroad, were for the first time designed and produced locally due to the potentials that FON project offered to explore the capabilities of the local industry. Similarly, remote monitoring systems for marine use used to be imported; providing potential for the local industry, we allowed the pioneering of the designing and implementation of marine remote monitoring systems made locally.

Collaboration with the private companies is mainly contracted through a biding process pinned to well-defined specifications and selection of best offers. Such collaboration asserts the potential of engagement of the private sector at implementing some of the activities generated on projects and the chance to work together in favor of nature.