The Solid Waste management program of FON is directed to schools, teacher, students, and children. The objective of the program is to spread awareness and profound understanding on solid waste from the point of production to disposal and followed treatment. For that, FON developed a full-day workshop series with hosting students on our premises at MACAM in village Fatri for an outdoor day of activities to deliver the message.


  • FON created 4 training modules to promote the full understanding of the topic. (Development of training modules form an integral part of the set of skills of FON activity design and implementation.)
  • The training is delivered by 5 trainers that are well-equipped with advanced knowledge to tackle the topic in a simplified manner that would reach the beneficiaries smoothly and quickly.
  • The trainers are aided with a kit set of visual material designed to satisfy the aspect treated in the respective module.


1- Comprehending Solid Waste Sources

  • Trainers lecture with visuals of different sources to illustrate the concept.

2- Garbage Separation why and how

  • Through discussion, Q&A, trainers diffuse the concepts of garbage separation.

3- Waste treatment Methods

  • now they all engage in ideas for treating the waste; the trainers orient the approaches.

4- Upcycling hands-on workshop

  • Students are offered a diversity of garbage material with tools and equipment to try their creativity.
  • the little art pieces they produced were amazing.

Over 1000 students have received the training and ongoing.