As part of our ecotourism program under the Shepherd’s Routes, FON made a stop to visit the orchids of the Ehden Forest Nature Reserve at their flashy bloom. The program of the day would promoted as follows.

Orchids in Ehden Nature Reserve

We will walk the Cedar forest nature reserve of Ehden to enjoy its majestic landscape, beautiful cedars and diverse beings especially the blooming wild orchids.

Ehden Forest Nature Reserve

Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve

Destination: Ehden Nature Reserve or Horsh Ehden
Date: Sunday ……………
Level: Moderate
Altitude: 1300 m.
Denivelation: 200 m.
Average walking time: 4 hours
Trail: loop (uphill-downhill)

-Morning meeting point: Liban Park at Mathaf Beirut (parking fees: ………..)
Meeting time: 7:15 am
Departure: 7:30 am sharp
-Second meeting point: Spinneys Dbayeh at 7:40 am
-Third meeting point: Paul Maameltein at 7:50 am
Back to the morning meeting point: 5:00+pm
There will be a breakfast stop.
FON will provide the following:
Transportation, reserve entrance fees, guides, healthy snack, 5 minutes warming up and stretching for only ……..$/person. Special price for groups and families.

Payment will be done during the hike day.

Reservations must be done before Saturday …………..
Instructions: bring with you: hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, hiking sticks, hiking shoes and water (minimum 1.5 liters).