The Friends of Nature has developed collaborative relations with many of the ministries and the relevant departments associated with the range of activities that we implement.

  • Ministry of Environment: Our collaboration with the Ministry of Environment is strong and consecutive related to the nature of our activities focused on the natural world and its heritage. The Department of Ecosystems is regularly consulted and coordinated with on all issues that relate to conservation, biodiversity, threats to habitats and beings.
  • Ministry of Agriculture: The Department of Natural Resources at the ministry is consulted on the issues that fall under their mandate in the marine and terrestrial environments. The department is responsible for the marine resources and fisheries; close collaboration was established on the artificial reef project. Similarly on Agroforestry and forests, the department was supportive of our initiatives and participated in our activities.
  • Ministry of Tourism: The engagement of the ministry is engendered for the eco-tourism activities, marine and terrestrial.
  • Ministry of Public Works and Transport: Thorough involvement of the ministry, particularly, the department of marine transport, was engendered for the support of the artificial reef project especially that such activities should not interfere with the marine transport routes. We worked with the department to acquire the approvals for the reef project to ensure that the project does not negatively impact any marine aspect.
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs: The ministry is resorted to for permissions and approvals on actions that need to be taken under the enacted laws, such as installation of reef, restoration of forests and other.

The Friends of Nature has proven capacity to engage the public sector and to engage with the public sector on responding to calls for conservation and preservation of biodiversity on the ground, through awareness and education, as well as through research.