Reforestation was originally allocated to the Ministry of Agriculture, which had a series of nurseries for seedling production. The nurseries went out of function for a long time; meanwhile, reforestation trees were imported from Syria majorly as donation and from other sources.

First NGO-based Reforestation Nursery

With the support of the J&B company, FON created the first reforestation nursery outside the ministerial mandate but managed and operated by an NGO.

The nursery produced 10s of 1000s of treeling from native species and seed sources. The planted species included Pinus pinea, Pinus brutia, Cedrus libani, Juniperus excelsa, Quercus calliprinos, Quercus infectoria, Populus nigra, and Styrax officinalis.

Engagement of Municipalities

  • The treelings were distributed to municipalities that had signed pre-set agreements stating that the beneficiary municipalities will be responsible to care for seedling planting and growth; planting schedules and sites were also defined. The participating municipalities were delivered the treelings based on signed vouchers.

Support to NGOs

  • FON initiated NGOs on engagement at reforestation activities. FON supported some of the rising reforestation nurseries with their first treelings to expand the trend of engagement of NGOs and CSOs in reforestation and protection of their nature landscape. One of the examples of such NGOs that have elaborated their reforestation plans starting with the first seedlings from FON is AFDC.

FON reforestation sites

FON planted and managed our own reforestation sites. Below is an example of the caring of FON for its reforested sites until their vegetation develops.

  • One of the reforested sites is the hillsides beneath the Church of St. Mary in Ehden. The objective of the reforestation project was to expand the Ehden forest on its outer outskirts.
  • FON irrigated and protected the trees and the site for over 5 years until the trees grew.
  • FON monitored the site and protected it from certain recurrent threats. A main threat was the use of fireworks on festivities and occasions by the church. Several times, these acts started fires in the grass cover; FON engendered efforts of community, municipality and local police to extinguish the erupting fires.
  • This showcases the extent of FON supervision, monitoring and support for its reforestation projects.