Friends of Nature and our blue expanse, the Mediterranean, have a long story. Now we are working to regain the fish populations and make the sea more hospitable to marine organisms. For that, FON pioneered the creation of artificial reef with fortified concrete.  We designed reef structures unique for Lebanon, and deployed over 200 units of them in a first underwater landscape design, leading to the Concrete Artificial Reef Garden at Jounieh Bay over 260,000 m2 of sea. The garden is a breeding place for a high number of fish and marine beings (anemone, sponges, clams,…) to live and grow their babies. When the garden teems with life, the marine biodiversity will rehabilitate other sites. We can visit the reef to learn of our marine riches but respect and protect; this heritage is for all of us.  

This documentary reveals the significance of artificial reefs to restore marine environments. It exposes the scientific conception and basis of the reef initiative, the process of the creation of the reef and the ecological principles that guided the work, the evaluations of the implementations and the selection of the reef site. The services that the reef renders at hosting biodiversity, re-establishing marine populations, and offering marine underwater tourism are explored.

This documentary reveals the strategy of action implemented with beneficiaries and stakeholders for capacity building and engagement. it shows the established network from fishermen to cooperatives and diving sectors. All became the guardians of the reef.

A revelation was made on our marine restoration journey with local communities; we discovered a generation of fisherwomen attesting our gender equality orientation.

The Mediterranean, our blue expanse, is in need of protection, we serve. This is our dedication.