Friends of Nature has launched its school program “Connecting Children with Biodiversity” in 2016.

The program is educational dedicated to schoolchildren to come to our natural premises, and learn closely about the living beings, their role and value, with hands-on experiences and a lot of leisure.

The objective of the program is to re-establish the link between our youngsters and the natural surrounding in order to install in them the appreciation to living beings and their virtues to our better survival, as well as the consciousness to our responsibility for the preservation of nature and its beings.

Receiving schools for a hands-on training on biodiversity

We receive the children in a spacious natural surrounding on the shoulder of the Adonis valley. The children follow 4 workshops on the subjects of

  1. plants,
  2. insects and animals,
  3. natural cycles and their role in conservation, in addition to the cultural value of the Adonis valley,
  4. fossils to shed light on the natural history of Lebanon

The program attained remarkable success as attested by the children and their accompanying teachers. We had schools from Saida, to Amchit and up to Qlaiat. The age of the students ranged from 6-7 year olds to 15-16 year-old adolescents.

We received over 1350 students, and 70 teachers from a diversity of schools coming from a broad geographical range.

We have established a collaboration with the UNESCO Lebanese National Commission and their network of associated schools and environment clubs.

FON has a team of  10 well-qualified coaches to carry out the program. The team was trained to address different ages with a wealth of comprehensible information attractive to the particular age group.

Our carrying capacity can reach up to 100 students per day with the ability to care for all of them.