FON possesses profound skills at initiating and supporting conservation efforts with a span of experience that dates back to the 1990’s. FON has created the currently-adopted national module for nature conservation, whereby community engagement is initially secured to be followed by legal conservation of sites. FON presented the first law for conservation of a nature site in the Republic of Lebanon (Law 121, 9 March 1992) setting the precedence that has flourished and expanded to become the elaborate law of conservation (Law 130,…).


  • FON has developed all the national framework for the creation of the first national nature reserves with the first marine reserve – Palm Islands archipelago – and the first terrestrial reserve – Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve.
  • FON has induced, rallied and defended the declaration of the historical Qadisha valley as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, classified as a natural cultural landscape the 9th in the world.
  • FON has induced, designed and collaborated with IUCN and Holcim Liban on the creation of the first private micro-reserve and the first orchid reserve in the MENA region


  • FON is continuous relation with the Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve providing support and engendering funded activities to enrich the value of the reserve. FON recently supported the reserve with mapping the populations of strict endemics and a respective management plan to enhance their conservation and elaborating the value of the reserve.
  • FON partnered with Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve on improving the public engagement components of the reserve management, mapped the strict endemics and developed a respective management plan to enhance their conservation and elaborating the value of the reserve.
  • FON initiated the preservation of the natural heritage of the Kneisseh mountain with the local community and local authority.
  • FON mapped the strict endemics of the Makmel mountain and enhanced the capacity of local community to adopt conservation of their natural inheritance as well as started the steps for the conservation of the sites with the local authority.


  • FON also support communities to benefit from the natural resources for sustainable income generation to locals. The tools we employ are numerous; they are elaborated on under “Ecotourism” section in the menu – kindly consult.

FON has a competent record at commencing, pursuing and supporting nature conservation projects. FON has acquired extensive skills at addressing conservation from various objectives. In accordance with its mission and vision, FON has and will continue to work toward its main vocation of conserving nature landscape and supporting all initiatives that lead to this end result to protect the global natural heritage and maintain the life supporting systems in function.