Orchids are very delicate beings highly admired around the globe. They are the emblems and devoted worry of societies, NGOs, research centers, etc.
They draw their praise not only from their most attractive flower displays, but more importantly from the exceptionally intricate interactions that a plant would establish with its natural surrounding and its inhabitants particularly insects.
In their very finite and detailed structures – all made for supreme purposes, they create an unvoiced dialogue; once discovered, one cannot but fall in love with orchids for they symbolize the miracle of creation.
ORCHIDS OF LEBANON explores these dimensions in an enriching translation of concepts into nature photography, so everyone may find his story – the scientist, the student, the nature lover, etc. And, in a magical show of shape and color, the album section uncovers the first record of the orchids who take of the land of Lebanon and the East Mediterranean their home. Purposely, it is thus defining this natural heritage for global recognition scientifically and artistically.
In points, it is about
o   86 types of orchid, most of which are not known to exist here before – authenticated by research
o   constitutes the first extensive record on orchids from this part of the Mediterranean recorded over 35 years of field observation from the bases of valleys to the tops of mountains
o   artistically described in exceptional photography to the detail leaving no room for words
o   displayed in 300 photos on 216 pages in a kaleidoscopic show of colors and shapes sometimes thought to be imaginary
o   why are orchids so fascinating – is explained and documented in a previously unexplored way
o   with exclusivities captured for the first time even by the scientific world
o   and a symbolic reference to geographic distribution, flowering and abundance, the result of the years of research.
o   Flowers are featured with their Latin, English, French and German names
Technical Aspects:
o   Fancy artistic books
o   Large size format 26 x 29 cm, which gives the photos the space they merit.
o   Hard cover with a colored jacket
o   150 gram paper
o   Pre-press and printing undertaken by highly qualitative establishments to give faithfulness to natural colors and ambiance.