Beside ministries, the Friends of Nature has collaborated with several public entities.

  • Lebanese Army : the Friends of Nature is most thankful for the support of the Lebanese Army and the kind and generous responsiveness that the army offered to help us pursue our activities successfully. We communicated with the chief commander, the Lebanese Navy, and the Hydrographic department at the Beirut Navy Base. We are in gratitude for the welcoming collaboration and the systematic, respectful, productive interaction.
  • Coastal Police: the Coastal Police responsible for the surveillance of the coast from Beirut to the North of Lebanon helped us to smoothly perform our activities, and continue to support for monitoring and surveying.
  • National Center for Scientific Research and the Marine Research Center: our collaboration with the NCSR and MRC is progressive; our activities and project development rely on the research results provided by the centers and their professional teams in order to scientifically guide our actions with national perspectives.
  • Local Authorities as Municipalities: The strategy of the Friends of Nature for rural development and implementation of activities in the countryside is to strengthen communication and connection with the local authorities represented by municipalities. Municipalities help facilitate linkage with the local communities and support the sustainability of the activities and their impact. We have built relations with over 100 municipalities across Lebanon. Our capacity to develop mutually rewarding relations is enhanced and well tested over decades.

Friends of Nature has proven capacity to fruitfully collaborate with the various public entities in pursuit of conservation of nature and biodiversity and driving sustainable rural development.