FON has a wealth of skills and expertise for the production of a range of publications to serve a diversity of objectives and purposes on projects.

Each publication type is valued for a specific outreach approach and result; accordingly, the selection of publication types is bound by the envisaged objectives. FON develops flyers, brochures, pamphlets, rollups, and also books.

Books are employed to provide a long term appreciation and documentation of projects and to present reference material for the consultation of many users from ministries, to national and international organizations, student, researchers and other future projects along the same objectives.

At the level of skills, FON has skillful members to develop the different forms of publications.

  • writing of informative text for each publication is commanded. the information incorporated into pamphlets is different that a quick portrayal of information in a flyer. FON members are aware of the writing styles and have the skills needed to develop such publications and have .
  • graphic design of publications is also advanced with the team of members skillful on design portrayal of topics.

FON collaborates with publishing houses, printing press and other forms of this industry to produce its products.