One of the important skills and services of FON is the capacity to conduct field work. Field work for research and implementation is highly demanding on physical fitness and endurance. FON team has the ability to conduct field work in any terrain all over the country; we have worked in tough mountainous areas, walked steep slopes, crossed vast areas, thoroughly surveyed slippery land masses, observed aquatic habitats and crossed rivers.

We build good relations with the people usually using or present on the terrains, such as herdsmen, to have their support particularly on emergencies.

Fieldwork also requires good orientation on the ground, good planning to conduct activities efficiently and effectively, good teamwork to divide duties and maintain coherence in information gathered, good recording and reporting skills to provide confident and scientifically valid information, and good perception to resolve accidental issues and challenges. FON has conducted years of field work and research and are fully aware of the above needs and apply them diligently.

Our belief in women empowerment and our unbound support for women engagement in all actions upholding gender equality is translated at having a team of ladies leading our fieldwork, and we are proud of the achievement and the results.