Of all the expanses of the planet, there is a tiny little plant that only grows on Mount Kneisseh; all its evolution is centered on the conditions of this mountain. The botanist who discovered it also named it in honor of the mountain; he called it Hieracium kneissaeum. The plant had not been seen since it was discovered over sixty years ago. In 2019, FON took the task to uncover the status of this valuable plant in the wild came screening the mountain in search of the little plant.

After two years of surveying all the facets of the Kneisseh mountain, we found only 220 plants still alive. This small group represents its global population and all its living members. We also found that only few plants are putting flowers, which made the call for the protection of this plant from further disturbance of high urgency.

The Women Association of Kfarselwan were and remain the influential supporters of the valuing of their natural and cultural heritage. They readily engaged at promoting this theme forward and at caring for their assets. With ecological training and visiting nature reserves, they developed their understanding of the potentials of their mountain and natural legacies to support their village and local livelihood through ecotourism. They engaged the youth, mobilized the community, supported, facilitated and followed up on all field activities. They will always be the guardians of their natural and cultural heritage, and the visionaries to lead their community to better potentials.

Hand in hand with the Municipality of Kfarselwan, youth and local community, the Women Association of Kfarselwan are persevering to strengthen the bond between the mountain, the community and the world to help preserve the natural heritage of the land. All due respect and appreciation.

Friends of Nature was entrusted and supported by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) and guided by the BirdLife International on the mission of revaluing this rare plant in the wild. We are thankful for their kind support.