The most amazing achievement of our work with children is helping them recreate      their personality through supporting them to experience independently yet keenly observing all their surrounding and comprehending the value of the natural world. Overcoming their fears is another valuable achievement that we take dear. We met children unable to step on soil for fear to dirty their cloths; we welcomed children who panic to the sight of the smallest animal; we welcomed children who would be totally lost in a natural environment, unable to play or enjoy or relate to a natural setting.

After just a day in the freedom of nature but guided, instructed and supervised, the children truly transformed. It is overwhelming to see the change happening in front of you, and not praise the innate intelligence of children and their wanting to be themselves without borders, without fears, with unbound resources and unexpected returns. It is one of the most heartfelt achievements.

We want to tell all the families of the world and all the agents who care for children: it is totally unjust to make our children prisoners of our social and urban environments and to deny them the natural behavior of connecting with the natural world.