Agroforestry is a land use practice that involves the introduction of mixture of                  trees or other woody perennials in crop/animal production fields to benefit from the resultant ecological and economic interactions.  All of the agroforestry systems are joint under one specific purpose: Sustainable production with high yields through lower costs.

As friends of nature we took many trainings all around the world in order to acquire all the explicit notions of this remarkable practice. One of our visions as the friends of nature consisted of spreading our understanding in Agroforestry throughout the Lebanese territory without exceptions. With the help and funding support of the USAID we toured the Lebanese territory from north till south aiming to spread as widely as possible concrete environmental friendly practices. Agroforestry if well applied will effectively help Lebanese farmers increase their productions while reducing their production costs.

We started our path in jezzine, maser el chouf followed by rachaya- kawkaba Bou Arab , Hasbaya shwaya , Baakline , Kobayat, Ghbale , Qartaba , Deir el Ahmar … We would gladly assist any of our group of farmers with these trainings whenever required. Do not hesitate to contact us for more info on any of our accounts.  We also invite you to enjoy the pictures of our trainings in Lebanon & abroad!